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Welcome to our gift shop for friends and family in Gyumri!
Check out the variety of our gifts ranging from sweets to children books.
Our selection is growing daily. 
By simply clicking on a gift type, you can either view all the items we have in stock, or use the gift browser to narrow down your search.

Free delivery in Gyumri and Yerevan.

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Cognac Arshak IIArshak II – an Armenian Arshakuni king since 350. He built the town-fortress of Arshakavan and heroically...
Gayane never fails to send greetings to her beloved grandma Asya!
Gayane Grigoryan, Sweden, 2015-04-24
Nelli Khachatryan, Washington Vachagan Nalbandyan, Armenia Artur Ginosyan, Armenia
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